hiking trails

from the hostel A Fábrica da Luz Two circular routes depart. The Mao River Canyon Route, circular of 16.5 km and homologated by the FEDME, is the PRG-177 and the also homologated and circular Teixeira Route, PRG-224.

The PRG 177: it is a circular route around the Mao canyon (tributary of the Sil) in which the hiker can enjoy the wild nature in which he enters through native forests. But it is also a route in which you will come across different emblematic landmarks of the industrial architecture of the early 20th century, such as the facilities of the hostel itself, the old canal, the pipeline,... You will also be able to discover traces of our ancestor such as the anthropomorphic tombs of S. Vitor de Barxacova, Conceliñas bridge,... and finish the route walking along the well-known Mao footbridge. A very complete route to spend the day discovering the Mao and the Sil, from Ribeira to the mountains.

We leave you the link of wikiloc with the full path.

For those who are not so fit, this route can be made shorter. It would be a circular that also starts from A Fábrica da Luz, reaches the tombs of S. Vítor and goes down through San Lourenzo through the San Adrián vineyards. The distance is 5km and the difficulty is medium-high, due to the great unevenness.

If you are interested in being accompanied by a local guide who can explain the history and culture of this magical route, do not hesitate to contact us. We budget for small groups and for large groups.

From A Fábrica da Luz we offer the following services:

  • Information service and route maps.
  • Guide service for groups.
  • Shower service.
  • Picnic service.

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