Restaurant A Fábrica da Luz

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Cantina (Kitchen) A Fábrica da Luz.

A Fábrica da Luz offers food services to the guests of the hostel as well as to tourists who come to enjoy the nature of the Río Mao (Mao River).  Here our visitors can rest while enjoying the typical drinks and food of the area: wine, honey, marmalades, cheese, cold meats, meat, empanadas, mushrooms and chestnuts. The Cantina (Kitchen) of A Fábrica da Luz is open each day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Reservation required for dinner). The restaurant is located in the old tower of the hydroelectric power station which formerly contained the transformers (for regulation, control, and protection). Now, it houses a pleasant cantina and dining room with capacity for 28 people. A Fábrica da Luz offers meal services in the dining room and on the terrace, under the centenary chestnut trees or next to the Río Mao. Visitors can enjoy a seasonal menu, the dishes offered are made with local and seasonal products as much as possible.