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Our Natural Surroundings… A River

A Fábrica da Luz is located in the Mao River Canyon surrounded by a forest of chestnuts, ash, oaks, hazelnuts, birches, vines and more. A wonderful environment where you can rest, indulge yourself in outdoor activities and enjoy the natural and historical heritage of the area. The facility is located along the Río Mao (Mao River), a major tributary of the Sil, running down from the Sierra de San Mamede. Right in our backyard, small waterfalls run through narrow passages, creating small pools where you can take a dip or simply take in the beauty of the river. Behind A Fábrica da Luz starts a wooden walkway that runs parallel to the River Mao. It is a short but spectacular route with awe-inspiring views. A work of landscape architect Isabel Aguirre, the “pasarela” takes you to the mouth of the River Sil where you will find a small natural beach and the beautiful village of Barxacova. The Fabrica is also a starting point for excursions to various points of interest nearby, like a plethora of hiking trails, the anthropomorphic tombs of San Vítor de Barxacova, many wineries, our Roman heritage, and much more.