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Our Natural Surroundings… A River

A Fábrica da Luz is located in the Mao River Canyon surrounded by chestnut, oak, ash, oaks, hazelnuts, birches, vines …. A wonderful environment where you can rest, seek active tourism activities and enjoy the natural and historical heritage of the area. The facility is located along the Río Mao (Mao River), a major tributary of the Sil, running down from the Sierra de San Mamede. Right in our backyard, small waterfalls run through narrow passages, creating small pools where you can take a dip or simply soak in the beauty of the river. Behind A Fábrica da Luz starts a wooden walkway that runs parallel to the River Mao. It is a short but spectacular route with awe-inspiring views. A work of the landscape architect, Isabel Aguirre, the “pasarela” takes you to the mouth of the River Sil and where there is a small natural beach and the beautiful village of Barxacova. The Fabrica is also a starting point for excursions to various points of interest nearby, like a plethora of hiking trails, the anthropomorphic tombs of San Vítor de Barxacova, many wineries, our Roman heritage, and much more.


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